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Peter Rabbit Stripe Personalised Easter Party Cracker
  • Peter Rabbit Stripe Personalised Easter Party Crackers.


    Peter Rabbit Stripe Personalised Easter Party Crackers.


    Add a special touch to your Easter celebration with our exquisite Personalised Easter Party Crackers! 


    Crafted from luxurious 350gsm silk board, each cracker is meticulously personalised, complete with a snap pull, Paper Crown, and delightful Motto or Joke. Simply glue or tape the snap pull, fill with goodies, adding the crown and motto, then rolling into shape and securing with the included matching satin ribbon.


    Arriving neatly packed on grey board and sealed in a convenient cellophane bag, these crackers are designed for easy assembly.


    Versatile and charming, our crackers are not just for Easter; they're perfect for Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings, christenings/baptisms, Halloween, and of course, Christmas. Please see our other listings


    Dimensions when assembled: 25cm in length and 6cm in width.


    Please note that each cracker is adorned with an image and personalised to cover the entire cracker, just as depicted in the photos.




    Pack of 1 x Individually Personalised Folded & Scored Cracker with Snap Pulls, Mottos/Jokes, and Paper Crowns (colours may vary)


    Assembly required.


    Matching ribbon, 1 piece for each side of the crackers (ribbon shade may vary from image but will match beautifully with the design of the cracker)


    Note: Photos serve for illustrative purposes only; any ornaments or props shown in the images are not included

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