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Comic Book Superhero Theme Large Party Gift Bag with Rope Handles
  • Comic Book Superhero Theme Large Party Gift Bag with Rope Handles


    Perfectly sized gift bag. Step away from the norm and give something truly special and unique that’s in a world class of its own.

    Gift bag dimensions are 220mm x 240mm x 90mm.

    In centimetres 22cm x 24cm x 9cm.

    SKU: 764

      Manufacturing a gift bag of this size, fully customisable & fully printable was until now not possible unless ordering in larger volumes and having printing plates produced or applying a sticker to a larger premanufactured bag or box. This obviously doesn’t suit everyone’s taste as it can look unsightly and unprofessional. Whether it's just one gift bag or 10,000 gift bags, we have you covered.

      We use professional production equipment to manufacture all our products. Our gift bags are manufactured from 300 gsm card that’s been professionally printed. The ink that we use is solvent-free, eco-friendly, and 100% waterproof. This is particularly reassuring when our gift bags are to be used at events such as weddings or children’s parties. Accidents happen, and liquid can often come into contact with gift packaging of this nature. Rest assured our products will not spoil in situations such as this.

      Because the card we use to manufacture our gift bags is so thick, all of our packaging is self-assembled. We do this for two reasons. One reason is by keeping the packaging flat packed it reduces the overall thickness which in turn lowers the postage cost. Secondly, we care about the environment. By not using glue we are lowering our carbon footprint and being more environmentally friendly. This also makes the overall product more suitable to be recycled.
      On the bottom of each bag is supplied a 2-D barcode which the customer can scan and will be redirected to a video showing how the bag can be assembled should the customer wish to. In most cases, this isn’t used as it is extremely easy to assemble our products.

      For larger volume orders, please message in advance. if you would like a design that you do not see for sale, please contact us.
      If you have a packaging design request that you do not see for sale, please contact us. We often do custom design packaging and artwork for companies large or small so any enquiries please get in touch.


      Orders are dispatched within 3-5 business days using the method of shipping selected during checkout.

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